Wednesday, 22 February 2012

North Shore Relaxation

Tuesday has dawned in heaven on earth i.e. Hawaii, which means we are already 5 days into our holiday. Slow down time, you're moving way too fast for us chilled-out entertainers. I guess it really is true that time flies when you're having fun (or doing nothing more then moving from bed to deck chair and back again). We have been staying at a resort on the North Shore of Oahu, which shouldn't be confused at all with the North Shore in Sydney even if the number of 4WDs on the road is roughly equivalent. We even managed to leave the resort long enough to find an authentic Mexican place a short bus trip away called "Los Chalos". Bring on the frozen margaritas and the most amazing chicken fajitas and re-fried beans ever!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Girls Weekend and then a Holiday!

Whilst in Hobart for the conference, I was joined by my Mum who flew in on Friday afternoon to spend some time with me. We had a lovely girls weekend - lots of seafood, shopping and champagne! We spent a lot of time at the Salamanca markets on Saturday and trawling through the galleries close by. We bought quite a few accessories between us (could this be the biggest understatement of 2012 so far?!!). I got some lovely earrings and a throw for home which should compliment the renos we are starting in March and Mum got a beautiful scarf for herself and one for Auntie S too. We had a fabulous time and it was sad to get back on a plane on Sunday - Mum heading back to Melbourne and me back to Sydney.

Luckily though it was a short week at work as Eady and I headed off to Hawaii for a holiday on Thursday! Our first visit to this heaven-on-earth was about 18 months ago after an adult lifetime of avoidance (tourist trap anyone?) but cheap Jetstar flights and a hot Aussie dollar convinced us to take the chance back then. Gosh, we are sure glad we did! We had a fabulous time first time around and are delighted to be back for the second time, woo hoo!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hobart Conference - Day 1

The last part of this week has seen me conferencing in the beautiful surrounds of Hobart. It has been a fantastic experience, I feel I have learnt so much already - it has broadened my view on a number of different management issues and given me more then a few tools to take back to The Office. The networking has been very good too. The conference was restricted to around 90 attendees so there has been plenty of opportunity to meet and have quality discussions with everyone that I wanted to. There sure are some very inspiring people out there!

As for the dress code, it was business or smart casual on Day One. I decided to play it safe and wore business dress in the form of my new J. Crew dress (thanks NAP, this dress was a bargain buy in your sale!) accessorized with a black jacket, patent black shoes and belt and my Coco necklace from Red Phoenix.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The excitement that is a Net-a-Porter parcel

When a parcel arrives from Net-a-Porter, I'm not the only one in the house who gets excited. Sure, the package is addressed to me, sure the goodies inside are for me but Honey Boo, the cutest puddy in the world, takes immediate claim to the ribbon and tissue paper. And as for her levels of excitement about this? Well it isn't an exaggeration to say it is on par with my excitement in getting the Joseph flats I wanted pre-Christmas for half price in the NAP sale i.e DOUBLE woo hoo!! Yep, nothing seems to keep Honey Boo so amused as shredding black tissue paper all over our crumpled white bedding. Mind you, she looks so adorable decked out in her Net-a-Porter ribbon, I'm happy to forgive the mess and clean-up after her!