Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gurrumul on a Monday Night

Going out on a school night is always an exciting thing to do. The fact that Eady and I don't have children and live in a suburb which is close to many fabulous places that are always busy no matter what the day or time, it is really a relatively easy thing for us to put into action. Last night we headed to the Sydney Opera House  straight after work to see Geoffrey Gurrumul, a blind country and western singer from a remote aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory. We have followed Gurrumul for several years now and have wanted to see him in concert for almost as long. For sustenance prosecco and a sharing platter at Opera Bar hit the spot followed by a nice glass of red during the concert. This all made for a lovely setting in which to listen to the beautiful music of Gurrumul.

The only issue on the night was the heckler who was in the audience and called out during the support act. On the unlikely chance that the heckler reads this blog, I do hope you realise what a tool you were, it was neither funny nor clever. Behaviour like that is inconsiderate and insulting and judging by the crowd reaction to your comment, there are a lot of people in agreeance with me. So there.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

An Apple a Day

There should really be no excuse for my lack of blogging, especially given the latest tool at my disposal - a new iMac. What more inspiration could I possibly need to churn out post after post? Under usual circumstances (illness and busy work days aside which are my current excuse of choice), the creative juices would be overflowing purely from the excitment of adding yet another indisepensible, can't-live-without Apple product to the house. Apart from my iPhone (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and  iPad (didn't get it until I tried it but am now in love), I have always been a PC kind of girl. I used them through school and every company I have worked for has been pro-PC so it was always going to be the path for me. Well not any more. I am now rebeling against the PC way and am joining the cult that is Apple. Oh yes, this nerd is a convert! Surely Mr Jobs, you are a marketing genious...

Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy Birthday Dordie!

It has been a mad few days of birthday celebrations here in the World of Cole. First Eady on Thursday and then his sister Dordie yesterday. Eady put me in charge of present buying and as I knew that Dordie was in dire need of a new wallet following my none-to-subtle questioning ("So do you want anything in particular for your birthday?") I focused all of my attention on finding the perfect Dordie-style purse. I put my fingers to the keyboard and after a visiting all the usual Internet haunts, I found the ideal specimen if I do say so myself. So with no further ado, let me present to you Dordie's Bday gift: a cherry red, mock croc Furla cheque wallet. Isn't she a beauty?!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Happy Birthday Eady!

Eady's birthday was today, woo hoo! The present opening ceremony was held at home after work with all of my presents for Eady having been lovingly wrapped by Mr Porter himself in black tissue paper and his signature boxes. This impressed Eady immensely and may well have given him insight into some of the pleasures that come with online shopping. After all, who doesn't get a shiver of excitement when their purchases come elegantly wrapped up in a box instead of a scrappy plastic bag? Infact Eady's extreme keenness to visit Mr Porter after seeing his gifts may well be a cause for concern - this house just ain't big enough for two internet shopoholics....!

I gave Eady a beautiful navy blue cashmere hoodie from J. Crew and some grey suede boots from Common Projects. He loved both and they fitted perfectly too. When Eady tried on his pressies, I realised yet again that I have one handsome hubby who is a cinch to buy for! The act of buying presents for him and watching him open them is really exciting, probably more so for me then him (and he gets pretty darn excited with presents so that is really saying something!). I'm sure that it is because Eady just looks amazing in everything so it is virtually impossible to go wrong when choosing gifts for him. Strangely enough, Eady doesn't see this himself but seems to think that I have this amazing talent for present buying. I really wish I could take credit, Ha! Ha!

After presents, we headed across the bridge to Surry Hills to celebrate. We started off with a glass of prosecco at The Lounge, followed by another at The Winery and dinner at Billy Kwongs, cooked by the lovely Kylie Kwong herself. It was a fantastic night for us both and Eady had a lovely time celebrating being one year closer to the big 4-0!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pre-Birthday Boots for Eady

Today we hit the Oxford Street shopping precinct to find Eady some classic boots. He has wanted a pair for quite some time now but just hasn't been able to find the right ones. He already owns has a couple of pairs from Chronicles of Never and whilst they are made from beautiful leather and the design element of them is pretty spectacular - they would be appropriate for any number of occasions from traipsing through bars on a Friday night to an adventure in Middle Earth with a gang of hobbits, they are not the most hardy of shoes and tend to be a little delicate (to put it quite mildly).

We tried all the usual haunts on Oxford Street but just couldn't find anything suitable. So we decided to hit Kings Cross and venture to a little shop just off Darlinghurst Road called Recollections Past. It is such a beautiful store! Whilst I marvelled at the polished concrete floor, Eady tried on some boots that were just what he was looking for - the right style, his size in stock and available in black and chocolate brown.  Even better, they are handmade by a small Aussie company called Baxter, from a pattern that hasn't changed since the late 1890s. They were perfect in every way. I managed to convince Eady that the chocolate brown colour would be far more versatile and seemed to have a vintage charm about them which would become more evident as they are worn in, especially if the Store Manager's boots were anything to go by. Luckily he agreed and happy with this choice, a purchase was made. Bingo.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

All Quiet On The Blogging Front

The last week or so has flown by in a bit of a haze. Not surprising really, given the events that have occurred. Firstly, Eady lost his Grandfather after which we had a mad dash to Melbourne to attend the funeral. It was always going to be a difficult trip but the high point was watching Eady do an amazing reading at the service which made me so very proud - the strength and composure he showed was really inspiring! Along with this Eady had to go to hospital for a day. This meant his usual wardrobe of Nudie jeans and Converse made way for a standard issue hospital gown accessorized with a plastic ID bracelet and a pre-op prep that can only be described as uncomfortable and highly inconvenient. But Eady being the trooper that he is, sailed through it all with his usual aplomb. The good news is that everything went very well plus he has been given the all clear. Yay!!!

Today is also my one month anniversary of starting my new role. I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, am learning heaps and having lots of different experiences too (meeting at Parliament House anyone?!!).
Obviously between work and home things have been a little chaotic in the world of Cole lately but with a bit of luck, everything should now be back on track. Lucky, as I can feel some online shopping blogs coming up...!