Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gurrumul on a Monday Night

Going out on a school night is always an exciting thing to do. The fact that Eady and I don't have children and live in a suburb which is close to many fabulous places that are always busy no matter what the day or time, it is really a relatively easy thing for us to put into action. Last night we headed to the Sydney Opera House  straight after work to see Geoffrey Gurrumul, a blind country and western singer from a remote aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory. We have followed Gurrumul for several years now and have wanted to see him in concert for almost as long. For sustenance prosecco and a sharing platter at Opera Bar hit the spot followed by a nice glass of red during the concert. This all made for a lovely setting in which to listen to the beautiful music of Gurrumul.

The only issue on the night was the heckler who was in the audience and called out during the support act. On the unlikely chance that the heckler reads this blog, I do hope you realise what a tool you were, it was neither funny nor clever. Behaviour like that is inconsiderate and insulting and judging by the crowd reaction to your comment, there are a lot of people in agreeance with me. So there.

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