Sunday, 28 August 2011

An Apple a Day

There should really be no excuse for my lack of blogging, especially given the latest tool at my disposal - a new iMac. What more inspiration could I possibly need to churn out post after post? Under usual circumstances (illness and busy work days aside which are my current excuse of choice), the creative juices would be overflowing purely from the excitment of adding yet another indisepensible, can't-live-without Apple product to the house. Apart from my iPhone (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and  iPad (didn't get it until I tried it but am now in love), I have always been a PC kind of girl. I used them through school and every company I have worked for has been pro-PC so it was always going to be the path for me. Well not any more. I am now rebeling against the PC way and am joining the cult that is Apple. Oh yes, this nerd is a convert! Surely Mr Jobs, you are a marketing genious...

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