Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pre-Birthday Boots for Eady

Today we hit the Oxford Street shopping precinct to find Eady some classic boots. He has wanted a pair for quite some time now but just hasn't been able to find the right ones. He already owns has a couple of pairs from Chronicles of Never and whilst they are made from beautiful leather and the design element of them is pretty spectacular - they would be appropriate for any number of occasions from traipsing through bars on a Friday night to an adventure in Middle Earth with a gang of hobbits, they are not the most hardy of shoes and tend to be a little delicate (to put it quite mildly).

We tried all the usual haunts on Oxford Street but just couldn't find anything suitable. So we decided to hit Kings Cross and venture to a little shop just off Darlinghurst Road called Recollections Past. It is such a beautiful store! Whilst I marvelled at the polished concrete floor, Eady tried on some boots that were just what he was looking for - the right style, his size in stock and available in black and chocolate brown.  Even better, they are handmade by a small Aussie company called Baxter, from a pattern that hasn't changed since the late 1890s. They were perfect in every way. I managed to convince Eady that the chocolate brown colour would be far more versatile and seemed to have a vintage charm about them which would become more evident as they are worn in, especially if the Store Manager's boots were anything to go by. Luckily he agreed and happy with this choice, a purchase was made. Bingo.

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