Thursday, 18 August 2011

Happy Birthday Eady!

Eady's birthday was today, woo hoo! The present opening ceremony was held at home after work with all of my presents for Eady having been lovingly wrapped by Mr Porter himself in black tissue paper and his signature boxes. This impressed Eady immensely and may well have given him insight into some of the pleasures that come with online shopping. After all, who doesn't get a shiver of excitement when their purchases come elegantly wrapped up in a box instead of a scrappy plastic bag? Infact Eady's extreme keenness to visit Mr Porter after seeing his gifts may well be a cause for concern - this house just ain't big enough for two internet shopoholics....!

I gave Eady a beautiful navy blue cashmere hoodie from J. Crew and some grey suede boots from Common Projects. He loved both and they fitted perfectly too. When Eady tried on his pressies, I realised yet again that I have one handsome hubby who is a cinch to buy for! The act of buying presents for him and watching him open them is really exciting, probably more so for me then him (and he gets pretty darn excited with presents so that is really saying something!). I'm sure that it is because Eady just looks amazing in everything so it is virtually impossible to go wrong when choosing gifts for him. Strangely enough, Eady doesn't see this himself but seems to think that I have this amazing talent for present buying. I really wish I could take credit, Ha! Ha!

After presents, we headed across the bridge to Surry Hills to celebrate. We started off with a glass of prosecco at The Lounge, followed by another at The Winery and dinner at Billy Kwongs, cooked by the lovely Kylie Kwong herself. It was a fantastic night for us both and Eady had a lovely time celebrating being one year closer to the big 4-0!

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