Friday, 17 June 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I woke up this morning very glad to have a hair appointment booked in for later in the day. Having short hair now, I find that it requires much more regular maintenance then my long locks ever did and consequently I have a tightly managed schedule that makes any of my efforts at The Office pale into comparison. It has been right on 6 weeks since my last cut so I was in dire need of a good trim plus a little blonding too.

My hair salon of choice is Our Place in Victoria Street, Potts Point, right near the big coca-cola sign at Kings Cross. The lovely Kelly ensures that my blonde is the perfect shade (and is very patient with my angst-ridden cries of "No yellow, I can't stand yellow" at the start of each appointment). Clive then cuts my hair and is a true artiste with the scissors, what he does with them is akin to what Da Vinci could do with a paint brush. If anyone is familiar with East Enders, the British soapie based on London's East End, Clive looks and sounds just like Phil the cranky bar-tender. Only Clive isn't cranky but absolutely, bloody hilarious. I seriously feel like I am in a parallel universe when I am at the salon where East Enders is set in Sydney and "Phil" is a comedic genius with a succession of stories and jokes (admittedly some that could only be shown after the watershed!).

Anyway, today I wanted to take some flowers into the salon as a huge thank you to Clive and Kelly. I have recently become involved in a charity which supports 3 different facilities in Vietnam that provide medical care and food and shelter to HIV positive patients who would otherwise not receive any care due to their financial circumstances. As part of this, Clive and Kelly donated a $250 voucher which was used as one of the raffle prizes at our annual fund-raising night a couple of weeks back. I was blown away by their generosity and wanted to thank them for their amazing gesture. And what can't be said adequately with words, is best said with flowers I think!

My outing to the salon also allowed me to try out one of the two new dresses that I purchased yesterday - a stripey dress called "Body Con" which I purchased from the Kmart store at Chatswood Chase (hidden away at the back of the food court and which I  didn't realise existed until this shopping trip). And for the paltry sum of $19! Let me just say, the strategic placing of stripes on this dress creates curves that a Herve Leger dress would be jealous of and at a mere fraction of the price. Of course, there isn't quite the support available in my cheapy version so the dress requires  me to constantly brace my core muscles so as not to distort the stripes. Not only is it a very cute and wearable dress but it is a portable pilates class to boot!

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