Monday, 13 June 2011

One wet long weekend

This weekend was a long weekend in honour of the Queen's 85th birthday. Although I have  major girl crush on The Duchess, I would probably identify myself as a Republican if I had to choose however I am more then happy to celebrate with the Queen if it means a public holiday and an extra long weekend! Although we didn't have plans to go away and the weather did it's best to keep us indoors, we managed to get out and about (well, to the next suburb anyway).

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to our local cinema to watch "Super 8", the new Stephen Spielberg movie best summed up as the ET equivalent for the children of Gen Y and just as fun to watch. A couple of rows in front of us sat a little boy and and during the scary parts, of which there were a few, he would snuggle up to his Dad and hide his face. Cute for us but probably not so much for him!

On Saturday night we caught up with our best man Wozza, who was lucky enough to be given an overnight leave pass from his wife to fly to Sydney to see his beloved Swans play at the SCG. Wozza was travelling with his brother and nephew and we all caught up at our local pub, which is very "child" and "cook-your-own-steak-just-how-you-like-it" friendly, a double bonus for any family group. I learnt a lot from Oscar on all of the games that can be played on an iPhone although I sincerely doubt I could manage the skill or dexterity this 6 year old displayed during his demonstration and detailed commentary on the what, where and hows of each game. Oscar, his Dad and I called it quits fairly early on in the night and headed to our various places of rest, which allowed Eady and Wozza to relive their glory days without the early-to-bedders impeding them. Let's just say, judging by Eady's attempts to give me a goodnight kiss some hours later, those two have still got it.

Sunday was a lazy day, for me anyway. After a long sleep-in, a very dusty Eady managed to get himself to the SCG for a dose of AFL whilst I lazed in front of the heater with the Sunday papers for most of the afternoon. Pizza and red wine seemed like the perfect post-football dinner for Eady and also got me out of the house and into the awful weather (well, long enough to eat anyway!).

The weather today was also less then ideal so we decided that it was another good day to venture to the cinema, this time to see "Bridesmaids" a film about the adventures of wedding planning after a motley collection of girls are thrown together to form the bridal party.  The story was cute, if a little predictable, but the writer and director Judd Aptow worked his magic to make it funny, relevant, highly entertaining and touching in the way his previous movies have been (Knocked Up, 40 year-old Virgin). The lead character of Annie, the maid of (dis)honour was played by Kirsten Wiig. She had a small part in Knocked Up as an MTV Assistant and pretty much stole that movie in my opinion so I am really glad that she was selected as the lead for this movie as she was perfect! The cameos throughout the movie were hilarious too. Mr Don Draper as a sleazy and selfish friend-with-benefits to Annie, Matt Lucas (of Little Britain fame) and Rebel Wilson (our latest export from Oz) as a creepy brother and sister duo and from the IT crowd, Chris O'Dowd as Annie's policeman love interest - what's not to love about a cute Irish man in uniform? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie and it comes highly recommended from me. 5 stars!

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