Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Girlfriends are the best!

Girlfriends really are indispensable and this was shown to me yet again when I caught up with the lovely ElleB last night for dinner at Garfish in Kiribilli, a fantastic place specialising in seafood and simple-yet-very-tantalising desserts. It wasn't our first time there so we barely had to glance at the menu, and judging by how quickly we ate our dinner, I doubt it will be our last. Although next time, Elle B may well force me to order my own dessert after seeing how quickly I scoffed the ice-cream that accompanied hers (curse of the tight pants meant I was in abstain mode and didn't order dessert but as there are no calories in other people's food, I was perfectly happy to assist ElleB instead).

ElleB and I have a number of similarities - in life, love and health and consequently she is a great source of information and someone that I like to bounce ideas off. She is very considered in the answers she gives and  I really value our chats and her advice. Amongst our discussions last night, we spoke about a decision that ElleB has recently been confronted with and what her feelings are about making this decision. It was really interesting to hear her take on it and where she is at in the decision-making process. I know that the right choice for her will become apparent soon enough although I am sending her some good vibes to help with this!

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