Friday, 1 July 2011

Lunch in Melbourne

I decided earlier this week, on my flight home from Cairns in fact, that a weekend in Victoria was needed to catch-up with friends and family that I hadn't seen for quite a while. After reassuring Eady that I wasn't trying to avoid him after scheduling my second weekend away from him in a row and also promising him that I would limit hits on our very weary credit card (luckily he took this promise in the same vein it was made - noble yet highly unrealistic), I jumped on a flight to Melbourne earlier today. As soon as I arrived I headed straight to lunch with the tall, thin and exceedingly glamorous Brindabella. Despite making me feel like a little dumpling who is more bam then glam in the fashion stakes, Brindabella has a number of positive attributes that make a catch-up with her more then just a harsh  lesson in style for me. Firstly, her choice of venue for lunch - Cafe Vue in Little Collins Street. I had never been here before (although I have eaten at Cafe Vue in St Kilda Road which isn't quite as fabulous mainly due to the proximity of things work-related) but have heard many, many amazing reports of the city cafe and of course the original restaurant that started it all, Vue de Monde. Eady had worded me up that I must have the burger for lunch at Cafe Vue and three words into our waiter's welcome, two burgers had been ordered. OMG, let me just say it was heaven in a bun! No photos unfortunately, the burger was well and truly gone before I even thought that a photo might help to demonstrate some of the amazingness of this treat. Brindabella and I caught up on news, gossip and even had time to work through a number of solutions to the problems of the world over our long and lazy lunch. I had such a lovely time, I did wish that there wasn't quite so much time and distance between our lunches.

After our catch-up, I jumped on a country train for my next destination, Latrobe Valley, where I am spending the weekend at my Mum's house. As I was light on luggage, I decided that I could easily take Mum a flourless orange and almond cake from Le Petite Gateau. Let's just say this certainly ensured I was welcomed into Mum's house with open arms!

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