Saturday, 30 April 2011

All hail the Duchess of Cambridge!

I am too excited! Kate will be known as the Duchess of Cambridge. Eady and I called Cambridge home for a few years so we have a very soft spot in our hearts for it. Infact,  I am sure this means that Kate and I are practically related, us both having the Cambridge connection in common now - me having once lived in Cambridge, Kate now ruling over it. Perhaps next time I visit, we could have afternoon tea together (with extra clotted cream on skinny-minny Kate's baked scones!).

Oh but Kate, hasn't she done us former Cambridgeshire residents proud! I couldn't really picture what sort of dress she would wear but as soon as I saw her beautiful Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress I thought it was THE most perfect choice for her.  Whilst there have been comments from some corners that it was a wasted opportunity and hardly exciting or dramatic enough to have really justified being designed by Sarah Burton, I  think it was the perfect choice for a Royal-to-be. Certainly, for me there were subtle signs in the silhouette and structure of the dress that highlighted the design aesthetic of McQueen but at the same time, the dress was very appropriate to the occasion. So beautiful and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it more every time I see it!

Pippa Middleton was gorgeous in her dress and dare I say it, nearly outshone the bride. Seeing her from behind made me wish I had of layered several pairs of spanx under my pyjamas whilst watching the telecast...

I loved the outfits worn by Mrs  Middleton and Camilla - I always love a skirt that finishes just below the knee. The muted pastels they both wore were just divine.

I liked the Queen in yellow. It was a lovely understated shade that was perfect for such a happy occasion.

Such a gorgeous day for the happy couple and for Eady and I too. It was lovely watching the festivities curled up beside him on the couch laughing and reminiscing about memories from our own special day...

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