Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Zara hits Sydney

I must seriously be the only female in Sydney who is not hyperventilating with excitement over the Zara store opening in Pitt Street Mall today. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it as a store, but it is not the sort of brand that gets me all hot and bothered. I feel about Zara the same way I do about Country Road, that it is good for basics and the odd piece every now and again but probably not the first store I would rush into on a big day out of shopping. Perhaps this is because online purchasing has stolen my heart over the last few months, perhaps a holiday in Hawaii last year opened up my eyes to shopping the American way or maybe I just don’t get the whole Zara phenomenon. Even when we lived in the UK with a Zara store down the road, I wasn’t a convert. Other Spanish brands I could get excited about, Mango, Massimo Dutti and Custo, but never Zara. Still, the curious part of me is suggesting a visit may be on the cards once the hype dies down a little, just to see what all of the local fuss is about.

Seems though, that my non-excitment might be shared by a small minority. General Pants in conjunction with everyone’s favourite bad boys of denim Ksubi, launched their new collaboration today called “Sex & Fashion”. A rather risqué front window in Pitt Street mall featuring barely clad models seen through a giant key hole is sure to grab some of the attention away from Zara. Although I might be slightly older then the target demographic of this range (yet the perfect target for Zara just by being a living, breathing female with a penchant for shopping), I did have a good chuckle over the tongue-in-cheek badges General Pants produced especially for this day of big lanuches: “My Mum loves Zara”. Ah, you just gotta love a cheeky slogan

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