Thursday, 28 April 2011

Woo hoo, one more sleep to the RW!

Just one more sleep to the Royal Wedding and by golly, is there a lot of excitment in the K house about this! For me, I can't wait to coo over the dress and flowers worn by the lovely Catherine as I am sure that whatever she wears, she will look absolutely beautiful. As for Eady, he is very excited at the thought of my British inspired menu for the night. Once I decided that we weren't going to attend a Royal Wedding party (God forbid I miss a single second of the telecast by having to be social), I began mulling over what I would cook in honour of the big day. It needed to be reminiscent of the time we lived in good old Blighty yet be ritzy enough to make Eady and I feel like we are celebrating with Wills and Kate despite sitting on the couch in our flannette pyjamas on the other side of the world. So that ruled out bangers and mash. To help with the decision making I turned to a quaint cookbook called "National Trust Recipes" which was given to me by our lovely Scottish friends on our move back to Australia some 5 years ago. The book is a collection of recipes that are served in various heritage listed properties across England and Wales. So after much debate I have decided to start with oysters (Cornwall), proceed to Stout and Beef Casserole (York) before sweetening up with treacle pudding and egg custard (our desert of choice at our local in Cambridge). Earlier tonight I made a chocolate slice that is rumoured to be Will's childhood favourite which I will serve with some sherry tomorrow night a la The Queen. I have warned Eady that he might want to limit his food intake during the day in anticipation of this monumentally stodgy calorific feast but he is pretty confident that he is up to the challenge...

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