Friday, 29 April 2011

Love is in the air and it sure smells delicious!

So with the television tuned to the BBC wedding broadcast, the crystal champagne flutes Eady and I were given as a wedding gift filled to the brim with Piper, my Royal Albert Moonlight Rose dinner setting (a present from my parents for my 21st birthday) laid on the table and lots of candles scattered about the place, the mood was set for our Royal Wedding celebratory dinner.

First, we started with oysters with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Notice the dried beans I have used to hold the oysters in place? It was a little nod to the Brits love of a curry.

Then we had my 'specially created RW oyster shooters featuring a single oyster topped with a splash of red wine vinegar, a splash of sweet sherry, a splash of warm water and some finely chopped shallots and chives.


For main, a hearty winter beef and stout stew accompanied by yorkshire pudding. I hadn't ever cooked yorkshire pudding before and was not convinced by the whole plain flour/rising to triple the pre-cooked height equation but you know what? It worked a treat and was a bit of carboliciousness amongst all of that protein!

For desert we ate treacle pudding served with fresh egg custard. This picture shows the pudding just out of the oven after it has been skewered in several spots and a delicious concoction of melted golden syrup poured over to then seep into the pudding.

To finish off the evening, I made a chocolate biscuit slice that was based on a recipe that was served at the actual RW accompanied by a glass of deliciously syrupy sherry.

It is probably a bit of an understatement to say that our digestive systems were put under a bit of strain after all of that. However, for us, it was the perfect way of celebrating the wedding of Wills and Kate.

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