Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back in Black

This morning I was in the mood to wear black to The Office. It was as if the chill in the Sydney air made me want to relive my old Melbourne days, where my wardrobe choices could be easily described as "anything but colourful". Nowadays, on the very rare occasions that I do venture out in an all black ensemble (as let's be honest here, all black in fun-lovin' Sydney just seems so wrong), I like to break up the monotony that can easily drag down a black-on-black outfit.

Today I accessorised my black shift dress and jacket with some retro-inspired House of Harlow earrings and a vintage brooch from a local market. Although the earrings and brooch are not perfect matches, the styles are similar and I think they work quite well together.

As for my legs, it is too chilly to go bare now that winter is almost here. But instead of resorting to my beloved Leona Edmiston black opaques that are a winter staple for me, I wore some lace tights that I recently purchased from Forever New for the bargain-basement price of $10. I love lace and think it can look beautiful in an outfit but I rarely wear it. Basically I think it comes down to my concern about exactly where lace crosses the line from sophisticated to skanky. But there were no worries as far as my new tights were concerned. When teamed with a fairly classic (?safe) outfit, they added an element of interest without being inappropriate, even for The Office.

I can imagine layering coloured opaques under the lace to create a different look again. In fact, I was so convinced about these tights that I ended up buying the footless version at the same time. So far, so good!

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