Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Navy is the new black

At the moment, I am having a love affair with navy. I have never really been a supporter before and I'm sure 12 long years of navy school uniforms didn't help with this. But times have changed and I am feeling the love for navy in a big way, especially when it is paired with black. I know, I know, the horror of this combination right? It used to be a long held “rule” that these colours should never be worn together. I am sure the rule was invented solely to deter the sheer number of fashion-challenged corporate workers back in the 80s who dressed in the dark and didn’t realise just how badly mismatched navy and black polyester separates looked together in the cold, harsh light of day. However, when worn the right way, I think it can work really well and has become the autumn/winter 2011 version of my other favourite colour combo of black and cream. Admittedly, if one were an expert on colour or fashion or both (and I claim to be neither as evidenced by the fact that as I type this I am wearing a black tracksuit with brown ugg boots topped of with a fluffy grey dressing gown), it would probably be that the colour I refer to as navy is actually a little lighter and warmer then a true navy, although darker then royal blue. So when paired with black, there is an obvious difference between both colours as opposed to a slight variation that just looks like I have tried hard to match the colours but haven't quite got it right. 

My current favourite navy and black combo features a navy two-tier pleated dress which I pair with a black cardigan (or jacket), black opaques, a matte black resin necklace and patent black shoes. I feel that the sharp pleats help to differentiate the dress just that little bit more from all the other black pieces which are much softer and more organic in shape. I also think that using the navy as a base colour, or as the major colour in an outfit, and then using black accessories to highlight the navy also helps to anchor the look.

I have been seriously underestimating the ease of incorporating navy into my wardrobe and considering just how much more complimentary it is against my pale and pasty winter complexion when compared to black, I don't think I will have too much trouble mending my ways.

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