Friday, 27 May 2011

A week sans Eady - Day 5

With Eady away this week, I have had the perfect chance to catch up with some of my favourite people over the last few days. On Tuesday night, I met up with the lovely elleB at one of the choice places in Neutral Bay, Firefly. As the afternoon sky got darker and darker and the temperature dropped to below freezing, well in Sydney terms at any rate, I had a major craving for cheesy pizzas. Yummmm, nothing like carb-loading on a cold winter’s day. Luckily elleB is easily convinced on all things food-related and is a pretty impressive eating machine to boot (after all, it is this skill and a love of knitting that has seen us become firm friends) so was very agreeable to sharing two pizzas and a serve of Firefly’s famous zucchini fries. We had a lovely catch-up and talked about the news of the world and our role in it. Worth noting were elleB’s lovely new boots which were absolutely divine. Very classic, black leather with silver buckles and straps to adjust the calf width, a heel height that looks dressy yet feels like you are in flats and a squarish almond toe. She had paired them with a black shift dress layered over a white long sleeved top, with a red coat to keep her warm and the whole ensemble looked very chic. There was much outfit envy from me and a little bit of disbelief  too when elleB stated that she really doesn't know much about fashion!

On Wednesday I was invited to a dinner party at the home of my lovely niece, Immi C. Whenever we get together we always have a wild and crazy time and when I arrived to see Immi dressed only in her underpants, her hair poking out in all directions whilst madly running around singing a song composed entirely of the words “Auntie Cole”, I knew this night was not going to be any exception. After a quick pre-dinner cupcake, Immi was hurridly thrown into the bath and re-dressed in her pink stripy pyjamas so she could then get on with the practicalities of entertaining. Now, it really has to be said that Immi C is an excellent hostess. Despite delegating the dinner preparation to her trusty chefs (and parents), Andy and Dordie, Immi was very hands on with everything else. Firstly she set her special knee-high table with two placemats for her and I, got out all of the condiments we could possibly need for our sausages and mash and even thoughtfully provided me with a fetching hot pink bib to wear. As I delicately balanced one butt cheek on the blue kiddie-sized chair (there was no way the chair was anywhere near big enough to accommodate both butt cheeks), Immi repeatedly touched all of my food with her hands to ensure that it was just the right temperature to eat and not too hot. She even volunteered to taste-test one of the chicken sausages straight from my plate to ensure it was good enough to eat. I didn’t have to pick up my wine glass as Immi was quite helpful in picking it up for me and directing me when to have a sip. After the meal I must have looked a little peckish as Immi disappeared into the kitchen and came out with some bowls and a box of cornflakes. She the proceeded to fill each bowl with a tasty post-dinner snack of dry cereal. We had lots of laughs, a bit of dancing and a couple of kisses too.

Call me biased, but Immi C really is the hostess with the mostest.

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