Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shopping in shops? You can't be serious!

Sometimes I just need a good old-fashioned shopping trip. Like in actual shops, where instant gratification means a shopping bag by my side and not shopping cart on a website, where I am wondering around on my own two feet and not planted in front of an electrical appliance with a wifi connection letting my fingers do the walking. Today was one of those days and luckily for me, I had a day off from The Office in which to indulge this old past-time. I decided that I wanted a boutique experience rather then a big-supa-mega-mall experience so headed for the Mosman shopping strip on the Lower North Shore in Sydney. It is a nice walk from home, far enough away to justify an iced chocolate to replenish my strength when I get there, short enough that I don't need to get decked out in my power walking ensemble and flat enough that I don't work up a big sweat climbing any hills. It was ticking a lot of boxes even before I left home.

Once there I went straight into one of my favourite shops, Pink Zebra. It has a fantastic range clothing from lots of my favourite American brands plus a great selection of accessories to peruse too, from scarves to  Kate Spade wallets to books. On my walk I decided that I really needed something in an animal print for my winter wardrobe and low-and-behold, I found it at Pink Zebra within a matter of moments.

A Daisy silk shirt with a double, ruffled collar and long sleeves. It is drawn in at the waist with elastic and is worn billowed out over the top of the elastic whilst the material under creates a ruffle from the waist to my hip. Normally I really struggle with tops in this design, my long torso means the elastic usually ends up being just under my boosies and not lower down on my waist. However, it wasn't a problem with this shirt which fit so well, woo hoo! It is the sort of item I can dress-up with my See by Chloe tuxedo pants and Jimmy Choos to impress at The Office or dress down with any number of pairs of jeans and ballet flats for weekend play. Being silk it will take me through humid summers and just by layering my Metalicus woollen scoop neck top under it, it will take me through winter just as easily. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pink Zebra and my lovely new shirt too.

After my first success, I popped into Country Road to see what was offer in the woollen cardigan department. These cardigans are a staple item in my wardrobe for most of the year, they wear so well and are just so easy to pair with everything else I own. I love the range of colours that they come in each season but decided that due to the amount of wear my black and grey ones have had, it was time to replace tatty with new. Well not only did they have my size in the two colours I wanted, they were also reduced to $59.95 too. Bingo.

After my highly successful day, it is pretty safe to say that right now I am feeling the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE again for the high street retail experience!

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