Monday, 23 May 2011

A week sans Eady - Day 2

Eady likes to keep fish. Not just any fish, but African cichlids. And not just any African cichlids, but African Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika - from a very particular part of Lake Tanganyika to be exact. Whilst he is away on his executive course in Melbourne, I have been entrusted with the care of his fish. And let me tell you, the pressure is on to keep them alive. You might think this is an easy job for me considering I have managed to master the skills needed to not only take the rubbish out but also to change a light bulb since yesterday, the first day of Eady's absence, but that would be to seriously underestimate the importance of these fish to Eady (and the massive impact on my internet shopping money if they needed to be replaced by Friday). We have two tanks in our townhouse, one downstairs which is 6 feet long  and contains 800 litres of water heated to a balmy 26C and a 5 foot tank in the study upstairs which we have affectionately called "the maternity ward" as it is where all of the itty-bitty baby fish are kept until they are big enough not to be eaten by their Daddies in the main tank. I personally think it is a little crazy to invest so much time, love and devotion to a whole bunch of pets that you can't cuddle or display in a photo frame on your desk but the fact that the fish aren't noisy, smelly or pee on the carpet makes them the ideal pets in Eady's eyes. A fact that is quite hard to argue against to be honest.

Anyway, prior to Eady flying out yesterday, he gave me a detailed lesson in how to feed the fish - a very precise lession. Considering how early it was and that my attention span when woken too early on the weekend is limited at best, he left me numerous notes dotted around the house to remind me of what I need to do:

Phew, thank goodness for the notes, the fish and I are all breathing a massive sigh of relief.  

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